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Who can join the program?The program is a selection of fashion designers, (clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry and cosmetics) carefully chosen by Factice's editors. Established brands and emerging designers are welcome.
What are the selection criteria?We only do women fashion. To be accepted into this program, requires that the image of the brand and products match with Factice aesthetic. These are the choices and opinions of the editors.
How to join the program?
Follow the process below. Upon receiving all of the information, we will get back to you within 5 business days.
● Your request is accepted
You will receive further payment instructions.
Once you have paid for your subscription we will schedule the publication together. Your page will be online within 15 days after receiving the order.
● Your request is denied
If your application is rejected, do not hesitate to submit your work later.

How to pay?Factice Magazine uses the secure payment platform Stripe. For each subscription "visibility", "showcase" or "creativity" it is possible to be charged annually or monthly (for 12 months). When you choose to pre-pay for a year of service, we’ll give you a discount (see details in each program).
How can I update my personal page?
You can update your lookbook and your eshop once a month by sending an email to .moc.enizagamecitcaf%40pihsrentrap We'll take care of updating your page within 48 business hours.

How long is my commitment?● Each program and method of payment (annually or monthly) requires a one-year commitment and cannot be cancelled throughout the year.● No refund will be granted.● 1 month before the end of your annual commitment, you will receive an email to renew or cancel your subscription. ● If you do not reply within 1 month, your subscription will be tacitly renewable for a period of one year with the same method of payment (annually or monthly).

How to exit the program?
● After a one year commitment, if you want to stop our collaboration, we will simply remove your page from Factice's website.
● You can exit the program at any time, on simple request to moc.enizagamecitcaf%40troppus but no refund will be granted. If you had chosen monthly payments, you will have to pay all the remaining monthly payments.

Need a specific section on your personal page?Please send your suggestions directly at moc.enizagamecitcaf%40troppus